2014-2015 at OSA!

2014-2015 promises to be an exciting school year for OSA and for the APT. The APT-inspired Learning Center, under the leadership of Academic Support Coordinator and APT Board member Wendy Snyder, is growing, expanding its services, and playing a strong role in the academic lives of our kids. For the first time since moving into the Fox Theater building, OSA will have its own performance facility, Sweets Ballroom, large and versatile enough to accommodate most OSA performances and events.

And the Alliance of Parents and Teachers is gearing up to play a strong and vital role in supporting our school and our kids by managing volunteer forces, sponsoring events, supporting the Learning Center, providing for the health and safety of our kids, and other needs as identified as the schoolyear unfolds. Watch this space, the OSA News and the APT Listserve for news of plans and developments.


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